Winter hats - scarves

At P&M Rawa Mazowiecka, we not only offer high-quality children's caps from renowned manufacturers such as Mafini, JHK, Promostars, and Stedman, but we also specialize in adding personalized prints and embroidery to each cap.

Mafini - with creative designs perfect for children, made even more unique thanks to our individual prints and embroidery.

JHK - offers caps in classic and modern designs that we can personalize according to your wishes.

Promostars - with high-quality caps that serve as an excellent backdrop for our precise embroideries and prints.

Stedman - sustainable and durable caps that gain in value thanks to our personalized printing and embroidery services.

At P&M Rawa Mazowiecka, we understand the importance of each clothing item not only looking good but also conveying the right message. That's why we offer the highest quality printing and embroidery services to make each cap unique. Our advanced printing and embroidery techniques ensure durability and precision, ensuring your design will look great for many years. We invite you to take advantage of our offer and create a cap that will be unique for your child.