The P&M sewing room was established in 1995 in Rawa Mazowiecka.

since 2003 we provide sewing, cutting, ironing and marking services. We also wholesale work and advertising clothing .

Our well-qualified staff can boast many years of experience, they are happy to offer help and advice in designing and choosing the best marking technique - we will take on any order!

sewing room

We have an extensive, modern and well-equipped machine park, in which there are:

  • Lockstitch machines with bottom feed - automatic machines
  • Lockstitch machines with lower and upper feed with a large hook - automatic machines
  • Flat doubles
  • Double-needle chains
  • Renders
  • 3, 4 and 5-thread overlocks
  • binders
  • Paskarka
  • 4-needle and 12-needle elastic bands with the possibility of sewing the hem
  • stitching machine
  • buttonhole
  • Linen buttonhole
  • Clothes buttonhole
  • Pneumatic coilers
  • Ironing tables with steam generators
  • Cutting room table with a cutter 8.5 m with a vertical knife and a band knife

Our sewing room makes sure that the products we produce are made of the highest quality fabrics with excellent performance properties and the most advanced dyeing and finishing technologies. We are able to meet the most demanding contractors through the effective use of the equipment at our disposal. We have extensive experience in sewing, cutting and designing for advertising agencies and well-known brands.

Satisfied customers are our priority. Their positive recommendations encourage us to constantly develop and maintain the high quality of our services.

Workwear and advertising clothing

We have a wide range - over 6,000 products, workwear and advertising clothing from recognized manufacturers at very attractive prices. These include, among others, sweatshirts, caps, vests, shirts, fleeces, polo shirts, t-shirts, work clothes, specialist clothes, medical clothes, clothes for cold stores and freezers, and a wide range of footwear.

Computer embroidery / clothing embroidery

The production of various types of clothing - including specialized clothing - is only part of our rich offer. As part of the cooperation, our clients also receive the opportunity to take advantage of many additional services. We also operate dynamically as an embroidery shop, which is one of our greatest pride.

Computer embroidery is an excellent quality, elegant and durable way to mark clothing. Using specialized technical facilities, we are able to make any, even very precise, pattern of any size on clothes of any size. Embroidering clothes is a process that requires extraordinary accuracy, but the aesthetic effect is fully worth the price and our effort supported by professional technology.

We make embroidery applications on virtually all kinds of clothing (polo, t-shirt, work clothes, aprons, ties, scarves), and thanks to a special attachment, we also provide embroidery services on hats - we will be happy to share our previous projects.

We are also not limited by the type of clothing - there is a professional sewing and cutting room on our premises, so we have complete control over the quality of what we prepare for you. The opportunities provided by a computer embroidery shop are a huge advantage for a company serving the nationwide market of workwear and advertising clothing.

Computer embroideries are ordered by various companies from us - for some they are supposed to have an image function, for others a promotional function. Embroidery on clothes, however, is primarily a guarantee of durability and an elegant solution suggesting high quality workmanship.

For our team, there are no orders that are too large or too complicated - our previous implementations show that regardless of the project, we are able to perform our work reliably and on time. We are able to provide you with a quick order fulfillment time - our daily capacity is up to 3000 embroideries!

Screen printing/prints on garments

Screen printing is another of the services that we are able to offer you. This is a frequently chosen method of marking clothes. Although it is easiest to screen print on t-shirts, it looks equally good on other types of clothing, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, fleeces, shirts, etc. This service is not only durable and ensures excellent quality and durability, but also perfectly reflects the color palette of each graphic design and is an efficient process.

This screen printing technology is divided into: - one-color screen printing on clothing, - multi-color screen printing

Screen printing is a great method of individualizing clothing. This method, next to computer embroidery, is one of the most durable and best reflecting the colors of the customer's order. This means that, regardless of the size and pattern, your order will represent the highest quality of screen printing on clothing (e.g. on polo shirts or t-shirts).

Thanks to its advanced technology and precision, today we are able to provide our customers with the best possible quality, both in terms of the clothes themselves, as well as the logo, printed inscription or graphics embroidered on them. Due to the complementarity of our services, we have control over the entire process of creating the finished project.

We carry out all projects using specialized machinery, excellent quality materials and a wide range of ready-made workwear and protective clothing of well-known brands, which makes each of our projects look extremely prestigious.

Shipment of goods

We deliver our products and projects to customers throughout Poland. We send the goods by courier. For larger orders, at the customer's request, we organize transport to the warehouse. Larger orders are shipped on pallets. With regular orders, we are able to cooperate at very attractive prices.

Price list for producers and distributors

In order to obtain a price list for intermediaries and distributors, please contact: By phone:+48 509996496 By e-mail: